What Helps Determine The Price Of Cuban Cigars?

Cuban Cigars and Pricing

What Helps Determine The Price Of Cuban Cigars?

Cuban cigars, or Habanos, are known for their high quality, and cigar prices in South Tampa, FL reflect this. 

Cuban cigars, or Habanos, at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa, FL have a reputation for being both exclusive and high-quality, and cigar prices reflect this. Not all Cuban cigars are equal, however, with some being worth more than others. Factors such as the quality, size, or age of the cigar also play a huge part in the cigar cost. Let’s take a closer look.

Brand Name

There are many brands of Cuban Cigar, and like many other products, some brands cost more than others. Well-known and well-advertised cigar brands such as Montecristos as likely to be sold at a higher price point than smaller lesser-known brands. This may not necessarily be down to quality but is instead down to reputation.

Cigar Quality

Like with many other products, the quality dictates the price of cigars. This can include the quality of the materials such as tobacco or the quality of the manufacturing process and final product. Those using the best tobacco or aged leaves are more likely to be pricey as it requires more effort during the production process. If the cigar is aged before retail, or the crops are cultivated in a more environmentally-friendly manner, it can also impact the retail price.


As you can expect, the larger the cigar, the more it will cost you as more tobacco is required to make the cigar. This can be a longer length or wider cigar. The shape can also make a difference to cigar cost, with more complex shapes such as torpedoes taking longer to craft, and therefore, costing more.


As a cigar ages, its flavor intensifies and changes, having an impact on its cost. Cigar experts praise the mature flavors from older cigars, and therefore, it is aged cigars that tend to be more expensive. Vintage cigars that have been aged for a number of years need to be well looked after and stored correctly in order to retain their quality. Therefore, it is expected that these will be sold at a higher price point.


Cigars that are sold also have taxes attached to them, which increases the price of a cigar. Every cigar that is imported into the United States has an import tax of over 50%, which can drive up the cost of the cigar in the U.S. market. In order countries, the tax may be higher or lower and will therefore have an impact on their price point.

The Value & Price of Findy Cigars

As you can see, there are many different factors that determine the price of Habano Cuban cigars, from the quality of the materials to the age of the product. Whether you are a cigar expert or a beginner, it is important to have a basic understanding of this to ensure you are paying a fair price for your products. Bulk buying cigars may be a good way to pay less per cigar as you are ordering many at a time, or ordering online rather than in a physical store can also cut overhead costs leading to customer savings. If you think you understand the value of Cuban Cigars, come check them out for yourself at our store in South Tampa, FL.


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