What Is The Best Temperature & Humidity for Cigars?

What Is The Best Temperature & Humidity for Cigars?

What Is The Best Temperature & Humidity for Cigars?

There is nothing better than the perfect cigar after a long day, but it is important to keep cigars in optimal conditions to achieve that perfect taste. Cigars are sensitive objects, and storing them in an environment that is too hot or cold or too humid or dry can lead to them being destroyed. So, what are the best conditions to store cigars? Let’s take a closer look.

Humidity Levels for Cigar Storage

Humidity is the most important factor to consider when thinking of how and where to store your cigars. This is because your cigars will be destroyed if they are in an atmosphere that is too humid – meaning that you will be unable to smoke them. If there is too little humidity, on the other hand, your cigars will burn, but the smoke will have no taste to it.

If you can, it is best to keep cigars between 65% and 72% humidity. Humidity levels that are too high can result in mold. While these percentages are precise, they are generally seen as the safe humidity levels that will prolong the lifespan of your cigar. To ensure that these levels are kept consistently, it is a good idea to invest in a humidor that can regulate the humidity level.

However, when you buy a humidor, it is important not to immediately throw your cigars into it. This is because the humidor needs to be seasoned before use. There are many ways to season a humidor, such as by using distilled water or special beads. The easiest way is to purchase a humidity pack and leave it inside the storage for a few weeks. If you live in an extremely dry place, you may need to put in more than one pack or keep the humidity stabilizers in the humidor for longer. Once the packs become solid, they will need to be replaced with new ones to continue the process.

Temperature Levels for Cigar Storage

If your cigars are stored in an area that is too cool, then they are at risk of breaking when they are lit due to the sudden increase in temperature. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, an increase in temperature can lead to an infestation of cigar beetles or the cigars themselves rotting.

For optimal storage, cigars should be kept at a temperature of between 69 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you store your cigars in a small humidor, the temperature can still be difficult to regulate as they do not come with temperature gauges. Therefore, it is important that you still consider the location of your humidor – do not place it in direct sunlight as this is likely to cause the cigars to heat up. Instead, store in a dark, sheltered location.

Providing the correct humidity and temperature is vital for your cigars. 

Whether you enjoy the odd cigar or are a collector or connoisseur, it is important that you follow some essential steps to ensure that your cigars are kept in the proper humidity and temperature, allowing you to fully enjoy them:

  • Do not sit your cigars in direct sunlight.
  • Store them in a place that has a constant temperature.
  • Use humidity control packs to ensure the correct humidity level.
  • Check your cigars regularly to make sure they remain in good condition.

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