Are Box-Pressed Cigars Better Than Handrolled Parejo Cigars?

Are Box-Pressed Cigars Better Than Handrolled Parejo Cigars?

The debate between box-pressed cigars and hand-rolled parejo cigars continues to this day in Tampa, FL!

Let us admit that we hear some mad discussions regarding hand-rolled parejo cigars and box-pressed cigars. Some people have preferred box-pressed cigars over hand-rolled parejo cigars and vice versa. So, why some people prefer a round cigar over a square cigar? Is there any particular difference between these two cigars that gives one cigar an advantage above the other? Continue reading to learn our expert opinion on the matter!

Let's Compare: Box-Pressed Cigars and Hand-rolled Parejo Cigars

Is there really difference? We'll take a look at the origin of the cigars, the taste, and the manufacturing process in this comparison.

1. The Surprising Origin of Box-Pressed Cigars

A good many years ago, Cuban exporters were anxious regarding how they can pack a large number of cigars in small boxes. These exporters packed stored and shipped the cigars in not-so-comfortable boxes. The cigars, which were round, got pressed in the boxes into squares, expanding as the humidity changed. Just like that - box-pressed cigars were born! So, the rounded hand-rolled parejo cigars converted into box-pressed cigars due to human error. 

The majority of cigar smokers had no idea that square bodies of the cigar are simply hard-pressed round cigars. Therefore, the similarities between box-pressed cigars and hand-rolled parejo cigars are very much apparent - aside from the shape. 

2. Is there a difference in the flavor profile of a box-pressed cigar compared to a hand-rolled parejo cigar?

Let's examine the smell and taste of some of these cigars.

To date, many cigar smokers have reported that box-pressed cigars are less likely to clog due to tar or other debris. The square-sided cigars have a good advantage over the round cigars due to the torpedo shape that many of these cigars take on. 

The taste of the square cigars is affected by the shape to a greater extent. Some claim that the torpedo shape provides a more efficient draw that ends with a satisfying puff of tobacco smoke. Nevertheless, there is not one box-pressed cigar that tastes differently than a round cigar. Except for stronger taste, there is no other difference between a box-pressed cigar and a round parejo cigar.

3. Manufacturing Process of Box-Pressed Cigars

The box-pressed cigars came about mistakenly due to an accidental exporting technique of Cuban manufacturers. However, many companies have intentionally started the manufacturing process of square cigars. You'll find that many consumers are hardly aware that box-pressed cigars exist. Even crazy shapes can occur, like Culebra cigars. The square is just the shape of the box-pressed cigars. It is not another manufactured flavor or type of cigar at all!

Bottom Line: Can you tell the difference between a parejo hand-rolled cigar and a box-pressed cigar?

Our Tampa location offers a variety of both hand-rolled parejo and box-pressed cigars, including favorites such as Romeo Y Julieta, Findy, and Cohiba. 

Box-pressed cigar and hand-rolled parejo cigars are the most famous kinds of cigars. The round cigar is the original shape of the cigars whereas the box-pressed cigar is an achieved shape. For achieving a strong taste of the box-pressed cigar, manufacturers pack the cigars in a box. Cigar cutters also influence the overall taste of the cigars. For instance, a punch cut is a favorite cut for many box-pressed torpedo cigars. However, we have many other selective cuts as part of the Findy collection, like Robusto & Sublime

So, can you tell the difference between a box-pressed cigar and a hand-rolled parejo cigar? There is a clear little difference between the box-pressed and hand-rolled Parejo cigars when it comes to flavor and experience. Don't believe us? Come stop in at our Tampa, FL location, just off of MacDill at 5223 S Macdill Avenue.

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