How Is The Tobacco In The Findy Cigars Grown And Harvested?

How Is The Tobacco In The Findy Cigars Grown And Harvested?

Cigars are known as a luxury item, and if they have been aged over a certain amount of time, they are seen to be rarer and more in demand. The process of making a cigar is a complex one, that takes a long time so it is important that the flavor is truly savoured. But how are cigars made? Let’s take a closer look at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa.

The Planting Process

Tobacco is grown from a very small seed, that has to be planted when it is coated in clay. The clay makes the seed easier to handle and work with. The seeds are found within the flowers of tobacco plants that are already fully grown and are removed and re-planted in order to grow new plants. In recent years, tobacco seeds have grown to such a demand that many tobacco farmers lock the plants do you get the seeds away to avoid them being stolen.

Once the seeds are coated in clay and planted, they stay underneath the soil for around two months before they become seedlings. After the seedlings appear, they are then taken and planted in fields where they can grow into full-sized plants. Depending on the tobacco farm, machinery will be used to plant the seeds, or a more traditional method is used to hand plant them in countries such as the Dominican Republic. Not all the seeds will survive this stage with many dying before reaching their full size.

The Growing Process

When they are growing, the plants are regularly fed with fertilizer in order to help them reach their full potential. In order to ensure that the plants grow straight upwards, tobacco workers will tie the plants up with string. Additionally, they will remove any leaves that are towards the bottom of the plant and towards the top. This is to try and strengthen the roots of the plant – in the space left at the bottom, workers will add soil where more roots can grow meaning that the plant stays stronger and more rigid.

The Harvesting Process

After around four months of growth, the plant is ready to harvest. Priming is one of the main ways of harvesting at a tobacco plant. This is where a few leaves are taken from the bottom of the plant, working further towards the top each time. This will ensure that the leaves been harvested are fully ripe. The process of removing these leaves occurs over many days, with the leaves being hung in order for them to start curing.

The curing process takes around 8 weeks during which the leaves change shade from a vibrant green to brown. After this occurs, the tobacco is then fermented and aged depending on the requirements of the cigar manufacturer – a process that can take months or even years, before being rolled into a cigar.

The process of making a cigar – from the planting of the initial seed to the development of the final product is seen as an art form that requires a lot of expertise. At Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa we know how the cigars are grown and harvested. 

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