Up To What Point Should I Smoke My Cigar?

Up To What Point Should I Smoke My Cigar

Many cigar users ask the question, at which point should I finish smoking my cigar – should it be when I reach the band, right the way to the end or somewhere in between. This is a topic that is often debated by even the most avid cigar smokers – and there is no one true answer. However, as experts in cigars at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa, we have done the research so you don’t have to. Let’s take a closer look:

Smoke Until It Is Uncomfortable To Hold

One of the best signs to know when to stop smoking a cigar is when the cigar cannot be held easily as it is too short. Cigars are different from cigarettes in the sense that they do not have a filter at the end, so you will find that you will need to stop smoking at this stage anyway to avoid the risk of burning your mouth. If you do want to smoke it for slightly longer, there are cigar holders that you can buy to hold them when they are shorter.

Stop Smoking If You Aren’t Feeling It

Some cigars have strong tastes and can be slightly overpowering if you are smoking them. On top of this, smoking cigars on an empty stomach can sometimes lead to the smoker feeling nauseous or even dizzy. If you do begin to feel this way, it is best that you stop smoking your cigar at this stage – after all, it should be an enjoyable pastime, not one that makes you ill.

Smoke Until You Are No Longer Enjoying The Flavor

Each individual cigar has a unique flavor and aroma to it, and these can change even as you are smoking them. Often, as you are reaching the end of the cigar, the flavors change and become less palatable. This is to do with the temperature that the cigar has reached as it can mean the taste of the cigar becomes more bitter. This may be a good point to stop smoking your cigar.

Use The Three Part Cigar Technique

When considering when to stop smoking your cigar, think of it as three separate sections. The first section of the cigar is the warm-up – where it will begin to burn and the flavors you are looking for will start appearing. The second section is the cigar’s best moment and the most enjoyable to smoke – here you will find the true taste and aromas of the cigar.

The last third of the cigar is when these unwanted flavors and bitterness may start to develop and the cigar may be over-burning. This is when you may want to consider stopping. If you do want to continue, you could try and ‘purge’ the cigar to improve the flavor by blowing through it slightly to help clear out any impurities and oils.

The Take-Away

Every individual cigar smoker has their own take on when you should stop smoking them. There are some recommendations, however, it is important to try these out for yourself at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa  – testing out your own tastes.

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