How Long Do Cigars Last Before I Can't Smoke Them Anymore?

How Long Should Cigars Last

How Long Do Cigars Last Before I Can't Smoke Them Anymore?

Findy Cigars in South Tampa, FL will always prepare and store their cigars the right way.

While cigars do not expire, they can go bad and become unsmokeable if they are not stored correctly. When stored in the right conditions, cigars will last indefinitely, with many of their flavours improving with age. When cigars are not stored correctly, however, they can become too dry or too humid.

How Should A Cigar Be Stored?

Ideally, your cigars should be stored at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in an environment that is 70% humidity. There is some breathing room with this, with temperatures and humidity levels slightly lower or higher than these levels being acceptable.

When you are starting a cigar collection, consider investing in a humidor that can ensure constant conditions for your cigars. Alternatively, if you cannot invest in a humidor, there are a number of humidity pouches on the market that can be used alongside traditional storage solutions to help with humidity levels.

What Causes Cigars To Go Bad?

When you try and smoke a cigar, you may realize quickly that it is bad due to an unusual texture or taste. But what causes them to go bad? Let's take a closer look:

Too Little Humidity

One of the most common reasons for cigars to go bad is because they have too little humidity. This may be due to cigars being left out of a humidor for too long or kept in a container with no control over the humidity.

In most cases, this can be rectified by placing your cigar back in a humidor for it to be gradually re-humidified over time. If you do not have a humidor, there are other gadgets that can be used alongside containers or zip lock bags to add humidity to them. Adding humidity back into your cigars is a lengthy process that can take weeks or months, depending on how dry they are. It needs to be a slow process, as the cigar needs to adapt to the added moisture. Adding moisture in too quickly will cause the cigar to be put under too much stress.

In some cases, there is no way to rehydrate cigars as they are too dry. You will be able to identify this if the wrapper is flaking and falling off.

Too Much Humidity

Cigars can also become spongey in texture if they contain too much moisture. When cigars are held, they should be slightly firm between the fingers but should not squeeze easily. Check your cigars at the time of purchase to ensure you are not sold over-humidified cigars, as the shop may not have been storing them properly. You may also find with too many humidity, that your cigar can develop mold, which is dangerous to then smoke.

How Long Should My Cigars Last?

There are some cigars in the cigar world that are from Cuba, bought before the embargo was put in place. If these are legitimate cigars, they will be over 50 years old. Most cigar collections age well over several years, but this is different with each specific cigar brand. Each brand will have the recommended time that you should keep your cigar before smoking that you should stick to. Contact us at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa, FL

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