Is It Safe To Smoke My Cigars If They Are Over Humidified? What Should I Do To Save Them?

Is It Safe To Smoke My Cigars If They Are Over Humidified? What Should I Do To Save Them?

Is It Safe To Smoke My Cigars If They Are Over Humidified? What Should I Do To Save Them?

Over-humidified cigars can be a potential issue for cigars in South Tampa, FL.

Cigars need to be kept in optimum conditions in order to stay at their best for as long as possible. A cigar that is over humidified can have a spongy texture and leads to an unpleasant, unenjoyable smoking experience. Being over humidified means that the cigar is too wet, making it difficult to light in the first place and making it burn unevenly. Ideally, your cigars should be stored at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in an environment that is 70% humidity. But how do cigars become over humidified? And can they be saved? Let's take a closer look with Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa, FL.

What Causes An Over Humified Cigar?

Cigars that are over humidified are simply too wet. This could be because your humidor is on the wrong setting or has been overfilled with water. If you are finding that your cigars are becoming too saturated when in your humidor, you may want to check the hygrometer to ensure that they are on the right settings and monitor it over time to check that the levels stay even.

Alternatively, your cigars may have already been too wet when you purchased them if the seller did not store them properly. This is unlikely if you buy your cigars from a reputable dealer as they usually monitor their humidification levels. If you do experience this, simply ask to exchange it at the retailer, as it is of poor quality.

How Do I Fix Over-Humidified Cigars?

Some may believe that the way to fix over-humidified cigars is by putting them into the microwave to dry them out. This, however, will not work, as the heat is too extreme, and it will cause the cigars to expand and contract quickly, meaning that they will no longer be able to be smoked. Instead, fixing this issue takes time as the cigars will need to dry out gradually back to a healthy level of humidity. Here are some ways you can do this:

Turn Your Cigars

While your cigars are sitting within your humidor, one side of the cigar will be closer to the humidification device than the other. This means that some parts of the cigar will be more humidified than other parts. To avoid this, rotate your cigars within the humidifier every few weeks, moving the ones from top to bottom, and turning them over. This will allow a more even humidification.

Dry-Boxing Cigars

If you find that your cigars are too wet and humid, try storing them in an old, dry cigar box that is made from wood for a while to reduce its humidity levels. This helps as most cigar boxes made from wood have a cedar wood lining which draws the moisture from the cigars and absorbs it into the wood lining. Over time, this will dehumidify the cigars enough so that they can still be enjoyed. They can then be placed back in a humidor for storage until you want to smoke them.

Findy Cigars Are NOT Over-humidified

Findy cigars are kept in controlled temperatures before being smoked so you don't have to be concerned of these issues. It's always important to take extra precautions and to be patient if your cigars are over-humidified. If these cigars are stored correctly, then you will have no issues with them becoming over-humidified, so try them out today and enjoy our spacious patio in South Tampa, FL.

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