10 Slang Terms That All Cigar Aficionados Must Know

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While venturing into the world of cigars, you may come across some terms that you are not aware of. To help you out, we've collated a list of common nicknames and slang words in the field and their definitions. These terms are popular all around the world, however, these terms are particularly prominent in South Tampa - many of these terms even started here! Let's take a look.


One of the most common nicknames used for a cigar is a stogie. The word derives from Pennsylvania in a small town called Conestoga. This town was home to Amish people and of the famous Conestoga wagon that families travelled in throughout the 1800s. The drivers and leaders of the wagon trains smoked homemade cigars made from rustic leaves that were long in design. The cigars were called stogies after the wagons they were often smoked in.


One other nickname for a cigar is a puro. Puro, translating to pure, describes a cigar that is made from tobacco grown in only one country. For example, Cuban cigars would be known as puros as the materials are grown only on the island of Cuba. Although the term is meant to describe single-origin cigars, it is often used incorrectly to describe any cigar.


If someone is talking about a stick, they are talking about one single cigar. That's an easy one!


Belvedere cigars are shorter and thinner than many other types. H.Upmann in Cuba, in fact, made these varieties that were frequently a favorite of President John F. Kennedy.


There is much debate over where this term comes from, with most believing that it is a combination of multiple sources. In Sri Lanka and India, the Tamil people use the word curutti, meaning roll. This word in their language comes from curul, which is the verb 'to roll'. Further round the globe, in Portugal, they call cigars "charuto" while it is known as "cheroute" in France. All these names lead us to the term Cheroot that we know today as a cigar that is square at both ends. In South India or the Philippines, it can also describe any cigars that are un-tapered.

Dog Rocket

Can you guess what this is alluding to? A dog rocket, in plain terms, is a bad cigar that has a terrible flavor. This is entirely dependent on an individual's taste. One person could label one type a dog rocket, while another enjoys it. 

Nic Bomb

This is a slang term for a very strong cigar with powerful flavors and a high nicotine content.


A herf describes a meeting of a group of cigar lovers who join together to enjoy smoking quality cigars. Herfs often have food, drink and sometimes, even entertainment. They can be small intimate gatherings in someone's backyard or larger organized events.


Nubbing is where cigars are smoked to the very end, right before burning the lips. Often the 'nub' that is left over at the end is held with a roach clip to prevent burning.


If you are a user of cigar forums online, you may notice this term in discussion. It is short for "Island South of Miami", of course, meaning Cuba.

Have you heard these 10 cigar slang terms before in South Tampa? 

We wouldn't be surprised! Ybor, and Tampa in general, are known for their ubiquitous cigar culture and decades of manufacturing and development. Many terms originated here and have been used for many decades. Now that you know the top 10 slang terms that all cigar aficionados must know, you're ready to join your first herf or enjoy a stogie with friends! Come to Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa and we'll make sure you're treated like royalty. 

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