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Why is Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge Located in South Tampa?

Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge offers premium cigars and hookah to Tampa’s younger generation. Discover the finest cigars and cigar accessories in South Tampa at our shop located on 5223 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33611. A trendy, hip location is just around the corner. 

Why is Tampa referred to as Cigar City?

The first cigar was rolled on April 13, 1886 by the newly launched Sanchez y Haya on 7th Avenue. Hand-rolled cigars soon followed suit, and in no time, became Tampa Bay’s primary industry. The city earned its nickname “Cigar City” in the next 30 years that followed.

Cigar Workers, Ybor City in 1900sDuring this time, over two hundred cigar factories set up shop all over the region, giving jobs to local people who turned up in their masses. Thanks to the cigar factories that entered the industry, a town that had been tiny in the early 1880s was transformed into a chief metropolis just as the world ushered in the 20th Century.

In the peak era of cigar production, close to 600 million cigars were made yearly. The people of Tampa and other parts of the world could be observed reveling in the pristine smokes in palaces, board halls and pool halls.

The cigar industry facilitated the development and spread of the Cuban sandwich, which was originally meant to nourish the cigar workers. Further, it gathered financial resources necessary for Cuba to fight Spain for its independence and was the inspiration behind the play, “Anna of the Tropics” which won a Pulitzer Prize having been set in one of Ybor City’s principal cigar factories.

Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge is located in Tampa to provide a premium experience.

The gigantic factories that ruled the City of Tampa in the early 20th Century have now been supplanted with mid-size boutiques. Nevertheless, Tampa’s cultural identity is significantly influenced by cigars. Drop into Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge on 5223 S MacDill Ave. to discover why our cigars and our lounge are the premium experience for Tampa City’s young professionals like you.

Satisfying a diverse and trendy population in South Tampa is our specialty.

Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge launched operations in Ybor City but closed up shop and moved into South Tampa to offer a more personal and premium experience for the well-heeled mavens in the area.

Modern Tampa Skyline

Tampa has a population of 413,704 according to 2020 statistics, and is Florida’s 3rd largest city. It is part of the larger Tampa Bay Area which hosts close to 2.8 million people. Tampa has a high racial diversity making it a perfect place for millennials who are hip and trendy to reside. There are numerous upscale hang out spots to unwind when one isn’t working including parks, restaurants, cigar shops and membership club halls.

The Findy brand exists for the sole purpose of serving the specific tastes and needs of this section of the population.

Cigars are the backbone on which Tampa was based.

The city is set upon the rich history of rolling and smoking cigars. A significant chunk of the population loves a good smoke now and then. It makes sense for investors looking to venture into the cigar industry to start out in the place where it all started.

If you are a driven professional based in Tampa or South Tampa, Findy cigars are made with you in mind. Visit our physical shop or contact us online to choose from our vast collection of trendy cigars.