How Long Should You Age Your Cigars?

Cigars Aging in Humidor

Cigar lovers often debate the age-old question of how long to age cigars. Cigars are very similar to other luxuries such as wine, where they can taste better with age, up until a certain point. Should you age your cigar 5 years? 10 years? While the ageing time depends on the type of cigar, there are some general guidelines that will help you decide whether to age your cigar in the first place or if it's best to smoke it how it is. 

Do cigars taste better if you age them?

The ageing process allows your cigar to bind and meld together, merging the flavors from the binder, filler and wrapper so that it blends into a more complete flavor profile. In general, the flavors of the cigar become mellower and more refined. However, it is important to note that some cigars age for around five years brilliantly and then drop in strength and flavor. Maduro cigars, such as Findy Serie 35 Maduro 6 × 52, generally benefit less from additional aging due to the structure of the tobacco leaf. Therefore, research your individual brand of cigar, consider the manufacturer's advice, and test the cigars throughout the ageing process.

Aged cigars are so popular, in fact, that they are coveted by collectors. Cigar connoisseurs often hunt down old boxes, inspecting their stamps and dates to see how old they are. Alternatively, they will buy quality cigars, date them, and age them for years while looking forward to smoking them in the future.

What's the ideal length of time to age a cigar? 

Most cigars should be aged around 5 to 10 years to see the maximum benefits, however as mentioned, this is dependent on the brand and manufacturers recommendations. The best way to test how long to age your cigars is to buy multiple of the same stogie, age them, and smoke them at different intervals to see which flavor profile you like the best. When testing, take note of the subtleties in flavor, strength, and complexity, and compare.

While your cigars are ageing, it is important to keep the temperature and humidity levels as constant as possible, within the optimum levels. To help the ageing process, consider lowering the temperature and humidity levels. Humidity should be between 68 and 72% RH, while the temperature should stay steady at 70 degrees.

Should you age your cigar if the manufacturer already has?

It is important to note that while you may be looking to age your cigars, they most likely already have spent some time ageing and refining their flavor.

When premium cigar manufacturers create their product, they use tobacco that has already been aged for months or years before rolling it. Additionally, the factory will then store the cigars, ageing them for a further amount of time, before shipping them to retail outlets. This is to ensure that they will be ready to smoke when purchased. Findy Cigars, for example, are aged at least five years before being sold, meaning that they can be enjoyed immediately. The taste is vibrant yet refined, with the flavor components of the cigar having blended over time. However, you may want to age them further if you appreciate an even more refined flavor.

Aging cigars can benefit your cigars - but isn't a necessity. 

Next time you decide to purchase a cigar, try purchasing a half dozen or so and testing how the flavor profiles changes through aging. Keep in mind that when buying cigars from a retailer, it is important to ensure that they are being kept at an appropriate temperature and humidity so that they are well-maintained. We recommend aging some of our lighter cigars, such as the Findy Serie 1980 Connecticut 6 × 54 or the Findy Don Juan Doble Capa 6 × 52. While it isn't a necessity, you will absolutely notice a difference! 

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