Why Are People Choosing Hookah Over Vaping?

Woman Smoking Hookah

The dominance of cigarette companies on the market is officially over. Today people discover new alternatives to smoking. Some of them are pretty innovative, like vaping, while others are, in fact, a reincarnation of ancient traditions like Shisha - known better as hookah. The variety of choices are growing every day; hookah and vaping are causing the most considerable stir among connoisseurs and those looking for alternatives to old-fashioned, harmful cigarettes. You’ll find various flavors in our high-quality hookahs in South Tampa! 

Hookah is a trendsetting, expressive cultural staple. 

About ten years ago, vaping became an ultimate sensation. It changed the way we see smoking forever, offered numerous flavors and alternatives, and introduced the element of personal approach and self-expression to smoking. Vape festivals held worldwide almost instantly turned into trendy events accumulating multiple influencers and presenting new names to the community of connoisseurs.

But today, we might see another revelation of the industry. Hookah bars have become new trendsetters of the culture. And while Hookah and vaping are similar in so many ways, hookah is set to be an up-and-coming staple that might be destined to inspire a whole new culture. Let’s take a closer look at vaping and hookah, see their differences and similarities and try to understand whether hookah came to replace vaping, or those two trends are parallel and may co-exist in the observable future.

What’s the difference between vaping and hookah?

How are vaping and hookah similar?

Indeed, hookah and vaping are similar in many ways. Therefore, people often consider them the same thing:

  • They are both alternatives to cigarettes and spare you from all the notorious inconvenience that we usually associate with smoking;
  • Both hookah and vaping provide connoisseurs a variety of flavors, making the experience more personal, introducing the element of self-expression in the process.

How are vaping and hookah different?

However, there are fundamental differences between the two concepts that determine why one trend is flourishing today while another seems to fade away:

  • While vaping devices are compact and provide you an “on-the-go” experience, smoking hookah is a more relaxed and smooth process meant for those who can afford the luxury of enjoying the moment without the constant rush of modern life;
  • Smoking hookah requires shisha tobacco that comes in various flavors. Vapers use so-called e-liquid or vape juices;
  • You may say that vaping is a culture of introverts, while smoking hookah is a more social experience.

Why is Hookah becoming so popular?

Indeed, Hookah is a water pipe used for smoking Shisha tobacco. It is not a pocket device that you will carry around in a pocket. Smoking hookah is not only about the process or flavors or finding an alternative to cigarettes. It is a new level of the smoking culture. Advanced connoisseurs appreciate the entourage of smoking hookah, its rich historical background, and a tradition that gave life to a new trend not only in smoking but communication.

While vape devices might be a perfect solution for those who wish to cut down on cigarettes or quit smoking at all, hookah is introducing the element of hedonism in the smoking process. Coming to a hookah bar is an experience itself. While socially, vaping is still not that different from the vulgar “cigarette break,” smoking hookah has a robust social aspect.

Hookah is more of a cultural trend than a hype-fueled alternative to cigarettes. While technically there is no significant difference in the health aspect of vaping or smoking hookah, both ideas will always find their followers.

However, in the light of recent events, people learned to appreciate enjoying the moment, coming together with friends and families, enjoying the new experience together in a relaxed, soothing atmosphere.

Does hookah sounds enticing? Stop in at our South Tampa location on S. MacDill to try it out!

No wonder hookah bars and lounges are becoming so popular today! Those who chose vaping as a smoking alternative see hookah as the enhancing, an upgrade of their experience that will finally erase the vulgar image of smoking and return it to its original chic and elegant entourage. Would you like to try hookah? Stop by at our South Tampa location and see what the buzz is about!


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