What Are The Top 3 Cigars in Tampa, FL?

Findy Cigars Serie 35 Maduro

What Are The Top 3 Cigars In Tampa, FL?  

Tampa has a long and rich history of producing cigars. The first cigar company opened in 1886. The cigars were hand-rolled and they became very popular within a short time. The cigar company became the primary industry in Tampa Bay, giving the local people a lot of job opportunities. Soon Tampa started to be known as the Cigar City. Now there are more than 200 cigar factories in Tampa employing thousands of people. From being a tiny town, Tampa has now become a major metropolis. Every year more than 500 million cigars are made in this region and exported around the world. You will find cigars from Tampa Bay in many board rooms, pool halls, and other places. Here are the top 3 cigars in Tampa.


1) Findy Cigars - Serie 35 Maduro

Findy Cigars Serie 35 Maduro is a custom blend that is hand-rolled at the Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge. In this cigar, you will get everything you are looking for in a cigar. The strength, the flavor, the smell, the burn, the spicy coffee and cocoa taste, and the way it puffs - is just perfect. The tobacco used to make the Findy Cigars undergoes a secret manufacturing process that adds to the subtle, sweet flavor that's inherent in Findy Cigars. You won’t experience the ‘cigar hangover’ that some lesser brands are known for. 

Maduro is the darkest colored and most complex cigar wrapper. It is made with an overripe wrapper and has an earthy and chocolaty flavor. The cigar is inspired by the rolling hills of Nicaragua and the sun-soaked shores that the Dominican Republic offer. The cigars have a full body and silky palate. It has chocolate and espresso notes that are rounded out by toffee-like qualities.


2) Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto 5” x 50

This cigar is very smooth, rich, and full of flavor. It is named after the legendary Fuente family patriarch, Don Carlos Fuente, Sr. It is considered to be one of the world’s finest smokes. It is produced by blending rare and vintage tobaccos that are hand-picked and aged for 10 years. It is strong, tasty, and has a great burn. The cigars have flawless dark Cameroon wrappers which makes them very attractive. The cigars are produced in limited quantities.


3) Cohiba Red Dot Corona 5.1” x 42

This cigar is mild and has a sweet peanut and cocoa flavor. The puffs are smooth and the burns are slow and even. The cigar is carefully crafted with smooth-smoking Dominican Piloto Cubano filler leaves. The rich Cameroon wrappers give a relaxing and balanced smoke. You get it in a nice attractive package.


How do I know which cigar is the best for me?

It's the one that you enjoy!

No matter how much you investigate the flavor or taste of the cigar you buy, the best cigar is ultimately the one you enjoy. There are lots of expensive cigars in the market, but it doesn’t mean that they will taste great and trying new blends and tastes is half the experience. It is a challenge to find the best cigar that you will enjoy. However, it’s a good idea to start with the ones just mentioned. You can never go wrong with a Findy Cigar!

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