Why Is Nicaraguan Tobacco Becoming So Popular?

Why Is Nicaraguan Tobacco Becoming So Popular?

Why is Nicaraguan Tobacco Becoming So Popular?

Learn why Nicaraguan tobacco is exploding in popularity in Tampa, FL.

It has been reported that a majority of the premium cigars produced for the U.S. come from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. However, today the Nicaraguan cigars hold the primary market of cigars. They have become more popular than the Dominican and Cuban cigars and are exported in many regions around the world. Here are some reasons why they are so popular.

Nicaraguan soil factors into the complex flavor of the tobacco.

Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa valleys produce unique, distinct tobacco.

Nicaragua has similar soil and weather condition compared to Cuba, which makes it ideal for growing tobacco. Nicaragua has some of the most fertile soil for tobacco, so manufacturers are beginning to increasingly cigars are produced there. The soils of Nicaragua are good for filler-type tobacco. This area produces stronger filler with a stronger taste. The tobacco-growing regions of Nicaragua are Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa valleys. These places have unique soil and a distinct mineral content that gives the distinctive flavor to the cigar’s blend.

The Esteli valley is especially well-known for producing great strength tobacco. The location allows the tobacco plants to gain significant sun exposure, therefore the leaves become stronger in flavor. The soil there is very dense making it appropriate for growing the extra strength Ligero filler and sun-grown wrappers. 

The soil in the Condega valley is coarse, cakey, and rich in mineral content. The tobacco leaves grown here have a thinner texture and sweetness. The Jalapa valley has granular and reddish-brown soils. The plants are aromatic and rich making them ideal for producing wrapper leaves. The tobacco here is complex and very aromatic, just like what is in Findy Cigars.


Earthy and full-bodied cigars are a trademark of Nicaraguan tobacco.  

The strength of the Nicaraguan tobacco makes the cigars popular. You will get full-flavored and full-bodied cigars here. They have rich and earthy spices with notes of leather, espresso beans, cayenne and dark chocolate. 


Nicaraguan cigars offer a large variety of tastes.

Nicaraguan cigars have a wide range of tastes compared to Cuban or Dominican cigars. As you already know, the types of tobacco leaves grown in the various regions of Nicaragua are different. So, you get unique tastes and flavors from tobacco plants growing in these regions. The cigars vary from being rich and full-bodied to complex and mild.


The most flavorful, high-quality cigars are produced in Nicaragua.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Nicaraguan cigars is that they are produced in limited quantities. The tobacco is given enough time to age and mature before rolling, unlike many lesser cigars from nearby countries. The tobacco producers use only the best leaves for production. No one can beat the quality of the Nicaraguan cigars. Outstanding quality is ensured in every step of the production process. No other cigars in the world spend so much time on ensuring quality production of tobacco.


Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in Tampa, FL carries dozens of brands of Nicaraguan cigars – including Findy Cigars!

The tobacco used in the Nicaraguan cigars is considered to be hardier and full-bodied than the others. That’s why they are in so much demand. Nicaragua has become the best cigar producer in the world today. You can find more than 50 brands of Nicaraguan cigars in the market today. So, you can get cigars of every taste, flavor, and price range. Nicaraguan cigars are now more popular than the Cuban or Dominican cigars and they are expected to rule the market for many years. Stop in today at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge and enjoy a Findy Cigars made from the purest, most flavorful Nicaraguan tobacco. Check out our Nicaraguan Hand-rolled Import offering styles, including RobustoTorpedoSuper GordoBoxpressed, & Salomon









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