Cigar Tunneling: How Can I Prevent Or Fix My Cigar From Burning To Fast?

Cigar Tunneling: How Can I Prevent Or Fix My Cigar From Burning To Fast?

Tunneling is a term used to describe when you are smoking a cigar, but it is burning too fast in the middle. In technical terms, the filler tobacco is burning quicker than the wrapper or the binder underneath. If this continues, you will end up with a shell of a cigar, with nothing left in the center. While this problem is frustrating, it is pretty common much like other cigar problems such as cracked wrappers or canoeing. But how can you avoid cigar tunneling? We have the answers at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa! Let’s take a closer look:

How To Solve The Issue Of Cigar Tunneling

There are a few things that you can do to try and stop your cigar from tunneling or prevent it in the first place. Whether they work or not will depend on the reason that your cigar is tunneling initially, but all are good practices when it comes to cigar smoking.

Ensure That The Cigar Has Been Properly Humidified

One reason for cigar tunneling is that it has not been properly humidified. If you have placed a cigar in your humidor, ensure that you leave it for some time before smoking to ensure that the moisture is evenly distributed. If the wrapper and binder is full of moisture but the center is not, it can lead to tunneling.

Evaluate How You Light Your Cigar

When lighting your cigar at the beginning, it is important to light the end (also known as the foot) of the cigar evenly. Too often, when lighting cigars, a novice will focus the flame on the center rather than across the whole surface area, meaning that the center will be at a higher temperature. Creating an even burn across the whole cigar from the start will mean that the chances of your cigar tunneling are reduced. If you notice that one side is going down faster than the other, relight the slower end with your lighter or match to even out the burn or this could lead to canoeing.

Work On Your Puffing

Puffing on a cigar is an art form that takes some time to develop. You may find that your cigar could be tunneling because you are spending too long resting between puffs, leaving it to burn out in the ashtray. In order to get an even burn throughout the whole cigar, puff on the cigar every 2-3 minutes, resting it in between.

Look At Your Wrapper

Cigar wrappers can be made from different types of tobacco leaves, and not all leaves are the same. Some leaves are thicker and have a lot more oil in them, and this means that some may burn faster than others. Darker tobacco varieties such as Maduro and Oscuro take longer to burn than Cameroon or Connecticut Shade tobacco. This doesn’t mean avoiding certain types of cigars, but you will need to keep a closer eye on the bottom of it, relighting the wrapper if it begins to fizzle out. Come see us at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa.

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