What Does It Mean To Let A Cigar Age? What's The Process?

What Does It Mean To Let A Cigar Age? What's The Process?

We often hear the phrase ‘aging your cigar’ as it is spoken by cigar lovers and sellers, but what does it actually mean? And can you do it yourself it home? We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to, so take a look at our quick guide to cigar aging at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa.

What Does Aging Do?

Aging is a process in which a cigar is left for some time in order for it to reach its best flavor, so that it is most enjoyable to smoke. Most cigars will require aging, especially cigars that are on the more premium end of the scale. The tobacco within your cigar will already have been aged to some extend within the cigar factory before it is rolled into the cigar and shipped to retailers. However, most cigar experts recommend aging cigars further after they have been packaged as this allows the flavors and aromas to mix. Aging also helps shed any impurities within the tobacco. Aging a cigar is a careful process that takes both time and the correct humidity, so how should you do this?

How Should I Best Age My Cigars?

The best way to age your cigars is within a humidor. Humidors ensure that your cigar is left at a good temperature and humidity level, allowing your cigars to develop the best taste. When choosing a humidor, it is recommended that you choose a hardwood such as a hardwood cedar as this is best for the aging process and will last the longest.

Your humidor is best for aging cigars when it is a lower temperature and humidity that the traditional guidelines. Try and set the humidor to around 63-65 degrees Fahrenheit, with similar levels of humidity (RH). This helps keep a constant environment, allowing your cigars to reach their full potential. The cigars should be rotated every two to three weeks inside the humidor – moving those at the top to the bottom and vice versa. Make sure they are not packed in, so that the cigars have some breathing space, allowing for the air to move around the humidor effectively.

It is also important to ensure that your humidor is key in the best condition and maintained to ensure the health of your cigars. Monitor the temperature and humidity levels regularly, and top up the reservoir often.

What Length of Time Should I Age My Cigar For?

There is no set time to age cigars for, as every cigar is different. Even with the same cigar, people have different tastes and so like it aged to different points to release different flavors. In general, cigars that are aged over time become more refined and mellow, so stronger cigars can be aged for longer than milder ones before they lose their taste.

Differences in cigar taste can be experienced after they have been aged for a few weeks, with more significant differences noticeable after a few months or a year. The best way to discover how you like your cigar is to buy a few of the same type, smoke one instantly, and age the next ones over different periods of time within a humidor. This will allow you to see how the flavor changes, and where in the aging process you prefer. Come see us today at Findy Cigar Company & Hookah Lounge in South Tampa!

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